taught by Mr. Julian Pollak


This course introduces students to the fundamentals of photography.  Students will learn the skills and techniques of taking digital photographs and their manipulation using digital editing software. An emphasis is placed on composition and light as a foundation in photography as a visual language. Additional two-dimensional media may be explored to develop principles of design. Photography 1B is designed to introduce students to more advanced techniques and skills in photography and digital manipulation.  In addition to photography, this course will further explore other media to develop principles of design with applications in two-dimensional art.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9-12


This course continues to investigate advanced photographic techniques and digital manipulation.  More sophisticated and lengthy studio assignments are required.  Additional aspects of two-dimensional art are explored as studio assignments of mixed media are introduced.  Students should be prepared to work independently and spend considerable time outside of class working on their photography.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 10-12
  • PREREQUISITE: Photography B  (final grade of “C” or higher)