taught by Ms. Maria Rode

The Ceramics Program at Lowell High School provides instruction in working with the ancient art form of shaping, firing, and decorating forms in clay. Ceramics classes are intended for everyone – from beginners to persons interested in pursuing art after graduation. It is a sequential program that reflects concepts that are grounded in individual studio practice. Skills include hand-building, modeling, throwing on the wheel, and the use of glazes that are hand-mixed as well as commercially available glazes. Forms are developed by using wet clay then are made permanent when they are fired; surface design is completed with subsequent glaze firings. Topics of study include the aesthetic and functional history of ceramics from an international perspective that stretches from prehistory to today, contemporary ideas about art, and the chemistry of firing clay and glazes. Students also develop skills to assess and improve their work, and discuss the work of other artists and art more generally.


These courses provide an introduction to the medium of clay. Basic hand construction methods to make functional and sculptural ceramics objects and variety of finishing processes are introduced. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of clay as a means for personal artistic expression. Students learn about specific ceramics techniques, glazes, and about ceramics in historical and contemporary contexts. Students learn design and language and evaluate their work and the work of others through class critiques.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9 – 12

CERAMICS ADVANCED A & B (repeatable for credit)

Students build on and deepen knowledge and skills acquired in Ceramics A and B. The potter’s wheel for throwing clay forms is introduced. Students use a synthesis of historical, technical, and aesthetic concepts to make ceramic works. Personal initiative, imagination, and skills continue to grow. Learning about historical traditions and aesthetic theory form a basis for student’s understanding and valuing of works of art.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 10-12
  • PREREQUISITES: Completion of Ceramics A & B with a grade of “A” or the teachers permission