taught by Ms. Kirsten Janssen

ART 1A & 1B 

Each course is offered for the duration of a semester. Art 1A and 1B complete the one-year VPA requirement and can be taken with one or more skipped semesters between. This course will introduce and engage students in the process of art making and the investigations which shape individual ideas and their unique voice in the creative process. Most students begin Art 1A & 1B with no prior experience and have excellent growth and skill development!

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9-12


This advanced course surveys 2D and 3D art processes and is offered for the duration of a year.  Sculpture, drawing, and painting techniques will be investigated through technical demonstrations, multi-media lectures, hands on projects, readings, films, and visiting artists.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9-12
  • PREREQUISITES: Art 1A & 1B or permission of teacher with equivalent experiences


  • GRADE LEVEL: 10-12
  • PREREQUISITES: A 5 piece artwork portfolio submission during the prior semester and acceptance into the course



Entry in these courses will involve students who are seriously interested in the ongoing process of making art, the critical decision-making process, analysis of editing ideas and content, and the intellectual challenges art evokes. Ideal candidates are prepared to be challenged daily and develop content and construct mastery of works of art, at the college level. The high level of performance and fast pace this AP course demands preparation and commitment. This is a one year course.  Through teacher instruction, modeling, art production and critiques, students will create a series of quality works of art addressing all three sections of the required portfolio: Breadth, Concentration, and Quality. Upon completion of portfolio through digital photographic documentation and physical artwork, students submit the portfolios to the College Board in early May during designated AP Exams.  Portfolios often are utilized for college acceptance as either a supplement or to gain entrance directly into an art program.

For ELD (English Language Development) and Special Education students, accommodations will be made according to student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and inclusion strategies assessed and determined by Ms.Janssen according to State Of California Commission On Teacher Credentialing standards.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 11-12
  • PREREQUISITES: Completion of AP Art 3D with a passing score