taught by Mr. Julian Pollak


This course introduces students to basic architectural design principles and problem solving. Fundamental skills in technical and freehand drawing, spatial visualization,tS and standard visual communication techniques will be presented.  The disciplinary design process from conceptual diagrams to spatial organization will be introduced as students present individual solutions to design problem(s).  The course emphasis is on hand-drawn techniques, although access to computer-aided-design or CAD, is provided.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9-12


The second semester in architecture is primarily project based and continues to explore the design process. Principles of design are further explored and the aesthetic, social, and geographic factors in building considered.  Students develop and present unique solutions to design problems and communicate their proposals through drawings, models, CAD, and computer simulation.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9-12
  • PREREQUISITE: Art in Architecture A

ADVANCED ART IN ARCHITECTURE A & B (repeatable for credit)

Advanced Architecture may be repeated for credit.  The course is project based and continues to explore the design process.  Projects may require significant amounts of time outside of class.  Students must possess a strong ability to work independently.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 10-12
  • PREREQUISITE: Art in Architecture A & B (Advanced qualifies as well)