taught by Ms. Kyla Morris

The Lowell technical theater program is a way for students to learn in a tactile environment about all the magic of backstage. The classes cover every area of technical theater from lights, sound, building sets/props, and costumes. If you don’t have time to take the class you can join the club to be involved but you will have to do some training in order to operate tools and equipment. In theater tech we are all about problem solving, teamwork, efficiency, safety, and good work ethic.  Outside of the theater, we play an active role in helping with school wide events such as dances and rallies. In the midst of all the work there is a lot of fun to be had and if a student stays they become part of the Lowell tech family.


This course introduces students to all areas of technical theater such as but not limited to lighting, sound, set construction, costumes, props, and management. They will learn the basics in all areas while gaining work ethic, teamwork experience, and time management skills. Students enrolled must meet the outside class hours requirement of 75 hours per semester. After completion of fall and spring semesters students should be ready to move to Intermediate Technical Theater.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 9-12


In this class students will be working toward becoming better technicians and fine tuning the skills learned as a beginner. On top of that they will be learning about new areas that will enhance their ability as a technician such as painting, intelligent lighting, sound board operation, production paperwork, and basic design in all areas. Students will be expected to work at least one major production over the semester and fulfill the outside class hours requirement of 90 hours per semester. After completing fall and spring semesters students should be ready to move to Advanced Technical Theater.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 10-12
  • PREREQUISITES: Beginning Technical Theater (1A & 1B)


This course will prepare students to work as technicians at a professional level. Along with refining the skills learned in Beginning and Intermediate Technical Theater students will be working on leadership ability, design, and production preparation. Over this year students will be required to fulfill a leadership role for one of the major productions and must meet the outside class hours requirement of 100 hours per semester.

  • GRADE LEVEL: 11-12
  • PREREQUISITES: Intermediate Technical Theater (2A & 2B)