taught by Ms. Teresa Bookwalter

DRAMA 1A (one semester course)

This entry-level course presents a survey of many aspects of theater – comedy, tragedy, melodrama, musical theater, and set design, among others – while providing practical training in voice, speech, characterization, physicality, stage movements, and scene study.  Special attention is given to the study of the vocabulary of the theater, such as “objective,” “beats,” and “units of action.”

  • GRADE LEVEL:  9-12

DRAMA 1B (one semester course)

This intermediate course further develops the student’s acting skills.  Class projects emphasize character analysis and interpretation through improvisation and scene study. Students must be highly motivated and should be able to work independently on class projects.

  • GRADE LEVEL:  9-12

ADVANCED DRAMA (repeatable for credit)

This course delves into an intense study of acting and directing.  Class projects require students to have a high level of acting proficiency and self-direction.  Showcases of monologues, scenes, and one-acts are presented during and at the end of the semester.  Students are encouraged to repeat this course in consecutive semester and over multiple years to continue development of their acting and directing skills.

  • GRADE LEVEL:  10-12
  • PREREQUISITES: Drama 1A, Drama 1B, and teacher approval


Present an after-school opportunity for students interested in performance.  Productions are mounted Fall and Spring and are open to any student in the school regardless of previous experience.

Commitment involves approximately 10-15 hours of rehearsal a week, for 6-7 weeks per production.

Casting for each production is by audition only and usually includes the preparation of both a monologue and a song in the style of the production.


  • English-Speaking Union Shakespeare Monologue:  Open to all Advanced Drama students in the Fall.
  • Ohlone College High School Theater Festival:  Open to all Advanced Drama students in the Spring.